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Topics of Interest
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The history of the lift

Elevator or lift (elevator gall., English words elevator or lift) is any facility used for the lifting of persons or things.

The idea to use such a facility begins very early. As early as 236 BC, tells us the Roman architect Vitroukios, there were several similar systems in royal palaces.

Looking back at the history of the ancient Romans, we can see that the first ones were built special platforms, which climbed to a sufficient amount of rope.

If we leave Rome and go to Tibet or in our country will observe their first lifts, which have the form of a basket, elevate, eg Meteora skyrocketing, people and goods.

These primitive instruments convection had a major drawback. If the rope broke, migrants without dropping probability salvation. These are rudimentary elevators leading man in thought construction elevators safer.

Ever since man started living in tall buildings faced the problem of vertical movement of people and freight.

The history of the modern elevator begins with the application of the insurance provision gripper which excludes the case of free fall of the car.

The year 1853 was manufactured in America the first elevator by E. G. OTIS, who before the eyes of observers, cut the ropes of the platform on which he stood. The platform began to fall, but for the operation gripper is stopped instantaneously. Since then, the technology in the field of elevators made ​​tremendous strides.

In 1857 in New York City installed the first lift for public use, which is powered by steam engine, using coal as fuel. In 1870, New York also served as the first hydraulic elevators and building DEMAREST 1889 in New York operated the first electric elevator. In 1894 and worked with the first elevator call buttons and without a guide.

In 1900 he presented the first stair elevator at the International Exhibition in Paris.

Today lifts have penetrated completely in one's life, as it is every day and most secure means of transport for people and cargo, and there are many types and variations between them, with variations in utility, the needs of each space-project, even aesthetics they serve.


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