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1st workshop on safety in lifts PDF Print E-mail

Panhellenic Union of Lifts
and Escalators Technology - P.E.T.A.K
Member of the European Lift Association (E.L.A.)

Athens, April 25th 2013


The safety of the elevators should be a priority - Urgent the drafting of a new CMD which will make mandatory at least the issues impacting dramatically on safety - essential information and sensitization of the conclusions of the first workshop of the Panhellenic Union of Lifts and Escalators Technology (P. E.T.A.K) focused on security in the lifts.

The workshop, which i was under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and the European Lift Association (ELA), had to focus on the safety of elevators, as a key issue that must be the first priority. The aim of the workshop was to be the first step in creating a platform for dialogue between all stakeholders and decision makers on the adoption of standards in elevators. Additionally, the workshop focused on strategies need to be adopted at national level to facilitate the modernization of the stock lifts in Greece and harmonization in line with European standards.

European safety standards and European practice presented by the President of the European Lift Association (ELA), Mr. Luc Rivet. "Accidents, sometimes fatal, occur each year in Europe, where more than 5 million elevators, especially in countries where the legislation is insufficient or poorly implemented," says Mr. Rivet and added «very important not only to have safety standards and to apply. With a few small movements we can save many lives.»

In Europe there are more than 5 million elevators, while in Greece operate more than 400,000. Corresponds to a lift for every 28 residents, bringing our country in the first place among European nations. It is the most frequently used means of transport, with 1 billion. daily routes in Europe.

At the conference presented the most frequent risks and existing legislations in Greece and raised proposals to modernize the elevators and reduce accidents.

««The compartment door and the baby monitor are two simple things that can bring an impressive upgrade, "he said at his presentation the Head of Studies at KLEEMANN, Mr Nikos Spyropoulos.

"It's very important that reopens the debate and attempt to inform about the issue of safety of elevators," said Mr Panagiotis Kontoulis, representative of Hellas Cert, central certification body.

"It is essential to know the contribution of accreditation in ensuring quality through standardization and proper supervision and control of the market," said Mr. virginium Voudouris spokesman ESYD in his speech presenting the national accreditation system.

"All the companies in the industry give the best quality results despite the difficulties of the economic crisis. But what is important is that everyone involved to work together, starting from the complete recording of the lifts in a single database, "said president and CEO of OTIS, Mr. Nassos Bikas the discussion that followed the presentations focused on the technological developments in space elevators and escalators in security and the legal framework surrounding the issue. The discussion was moderated by journalist Chris Constans, while the panel also found Messrs. Rivet, Kontoulis and Koukountzos.

"Today's forum, i first addresses the safety elevators, aims to provide a starting point for increased dialogue and proper and thorough briefing of all involved. Even today, despite the crisis we believe that adopting a realistic plan can achieve security upgrade of the lift but also and accessibility of energy saving and the aggregate value of each building general "noted Mr. Constantine Koukountzos President P. E.T.A.K and CEO of KLEEMANN.

The initiative of Petak praised the former Secretary General Industry Minister Efstathopoulos representing the Ministry of Development, the President of the Greek Association of Accredited Inspection Certification (Hellas Cert) Mr. Deligiannakis, President of the Federation of Property Owners (POMIDA) Mr. Paradias, o Mr. Vlasopoulos President of the Federation of Craftsmen Installers Maintainers Lift (POVESA) and President of the Association of Conservators Lift Installers (EWRS) Mr. Chavakis who attended the workshop.

The Meeting was attended by representatives of all stakeholders both in Greece but also from Europe, Greek officials and multinational companies operating in Greece, consultants and experts.

Major sponsor of the event was the company HILTI, sponsored transportation, Aegean Airlines and sponsors companies KLEEMANN, OTIS, Sta.Ge Hellas, STAGER and VALSAMIDIS.

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