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1st workshop on safety in lifts PDF Print E-mail

Panhellenic Union of Lifts
and Escalators Technology - P.E.T.A.K
Member of the European Lift Association (E.L.A.)

Athens, April 25th 2013


The safety of the elevators should be a priority - Urgent the drafting of a new CMD which will make mandatory at least the issues impacting dramatically on safety - essential information and sensitization of the conclusions of the first workshop of the Panhellenic Union of Lifts and Escalators Technology (P. E.T.A.K) focused on security in the lifts.

News - Announcements PDF Print E-mail

Governing Law & Certification

Joint Ministerial Decision - CMD

From 01/01/2009 in force, the Joint Ministerial Decision No. 28425/2008 relating to the installation, operation, maintenance and safety of lifts, new and existing. Mainly regulates the rules on maintenance of elevators, the periodic inspection certificate and entries in their records prefectures.

Especially for lifts installed before the year 1999, provided that the screening will be based on the standards of construction time and not mandatory under the standard EN 80.81 applicable for younger lifts.

A legal authorization, operation, maintenance and safety inspection of old and new elevators and each manager must know how to perform the procedure evacuation of people from the chamber and any failure to summon the crew in charge of the maintenance or the Fire Service (tel. 199). thus for the periodic inspections, the CMD states:

Be checked all lifts in operation regardless of the year of establishment.

The owner or building manager must ensure that the checks. The maintenance charge but must inform the owner / operator for this obligation.

Recognised Bodies are empowered by the state to perform the checks.

The choice of carrier is at the discretion of the owner / manager.

The deadlines for checks depend on the age of each lift and the type of building.

The provisions of No. F/9.2/29362/1957/8.12.2005 Finance Joint Ministerial Decision (FEK/1797/V/05) brings the Greek law with the European Commission Directive 95/16 and settled rules safety standards and operating elevators. With this streamlining lifts grouped into new and existing. The elevators were installed until 1999 were classified as "current". The elevators were installed after 1999 were marked as "new". With the above CMD was given a deadline for compliance of existing lifts in the new regulations until 12/31/2005, which was extended until 31-12-2008. Note that the EU Directive 95/16 did not include the requirement of compliance of existing lifts in the rules governing the operation of the new elevators.




So far, all the lifts, about 5 to 7% have complied with the new rules.

On 22-12-2008 signed by the new Joint Ministerial Decision concerning the installation, operation, maintenance and safety of lifts, new and existing, taking into account:

· Firstly, the protection of the maximum security of citizens, with minimal financial cost

· The objective impossibility of performance of the existing provisions, in accordance with the hitherto existing,

· The need to improve the institutional framework for the operation of elevators and the rules governing the maintenance and oversight function.

The new CMD regulates mainly the following topics:

· Rules on maintenance of lifts

· A certificate periodic inspection and

· Entries in their records prefectures


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